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© Shane Lavalette

© Shane Lavalette

Now that classes have begun I’m more inclined to write down my ideas for blogs and postpone them until the weekend. I would like to update during the week but I fear my post would resemble the transcript of a baby’s first syllables.

If you look at a lot of blogs, what will save your life? Bloglines. It’s an easy tool to read all of your blog’s feeds in one place. If you don’t know what a feed is, just read the Help section and get yourself organized!

For anyone new to the world of blogs I’ll show you the ones I keep up with which includes the “essentials” and some obscurities.

I’ve separated them into small categories:

- Photography blogs (informative and pictorial)

- Photography blogs (simply photographs)

- Other

- Non-feedable blogs

Here we go…

A) Photography blogs (informative and pictorial)

1) A Photo Editor – General commentary on all things industry by Rob Haggart, a former director of photography.

2) Chase Jarvis – The musings of a commercial photographer. Chalk full of insights into how he shoots.

3) Photography Contests – Just what it says. Although a lot of the posted contests are for certain citizens (e.g. Irish, British) only. Also, make sure to note the entry fees.

4) Joe Mcnally – Similar to Chase Jarvis but with a little more anecdote. See this entry.

5) Magnum Blog – Magnum Photo Agency’s blog.

6) New York Daily Photo – Learn something new about New York everyday. With Brian’s light style of writing you can’t help but enjoy it.

© Ryan Pfluger

© Ryan Pfluger

7) Ryan Pfluger – Keep up with the daily thoughts of an up and coming photographer. You’ll also get the added bonus of his opinions on the latest TV gossip.

8 ) Shane Lavalette – Discover fine art photographers and enjoy.

9) Shoot the Blog – Rachel Hulin’s (now departed) endeavor. She was the paid blogstress for PhotoShelter Collection which recently decided to shut down. The blog was updated so avidly it was hard to keep up but her personality and the posts were more than enough to keep me reading even if I didn’t have the time. Sort through the archives and then subscribe to her new independent blog: A Photography Blog.

10) Strobist – Learn everything lighting.

11) Vincent Laforet – Similar to Chase Jarvis and Joe Mcnally in content but of course a different perspective.

12) Visions of China – Another “deceased” blog but one that deserves a look through the archives. I’ve posted about this and Laforet’s before, but this one in particular is the sign of a hopeful future. I hope to see a lot more of this type of insight into news coverage.

13) The Year in Pictures – Run by James Danziger, the owner of the Danziger Projects gallery in Chelsea, The Year in Pictures always has interesting content.

B) Photography blogs (simply photographs)

Dorset Sheep, © Kathleen Connally

Dorset Sheep, © Kathleen Connally

1) A Walk Through Durham Township – Demonstrates Kathleen Connally’s ever improving eye for the beauty in nature.

2) The Big Picture – Finally, photographs in the (large and descriptive) format they were meant to be seen in. I have yet to look through a photo essay that wasn’t insightful.

3) The Narrative – always beautiful (and sometimes hilarious).

4) The Sartorialist – Fashionista.

5) Urban Views – New York street photographer Markus Hartel.

C) Other

1) Jeff Hussein Strabone - Political commentary (without the fat).

2) Stuff White People Like – just because.

D) Non-feedable blogs

© Dennis Nazarov

© Dennis Nazarov

These blogs, run by students in my department at NYU are not RSS feeds so they can’t be subscribed to. However, they usually provide a wealth of random photographs. If you’re interested in the everyday perspective of a photography student then give these links a go:

1) Bonnie Bryant

2) Charley Damski

3) Dennis Nazarov

4) Collin Lafleche

And now, you’re officially overwhelmed.

Welcome to the internet.

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  1. mtbrooks says:


    Excellent blog. Thanks for the plenitude of links – I’ll be adding your url to my feeds.

    (ps – I traveled over from Rachel Hulin’s as-yet-unnamed photography blog)

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