Janelle & Mike – The Griswold Inn & Incarnation Camp

I spent the entire wedding season this year looking forward to Janelle & Mike’s ceremony. I repeatedly told their story to my friends: “They went to the same summer camp. They were then camp counselors there. And now it’s where they’re getting married!” So simple. So sweet. You might remember the engagement session we did in the spring (see it here). When the day finally arrived I was terrified of the forecast. I sat in front of weather.com as it continued to predict 100% rain all day. Despite my excessive worries the skies refused to open up until everyone was safely under the tent at the reception. As you can see below we had a really fun time experimenting with some last-minute weather emergency supplies. Once again I was joined by my amazing second shooter Sasha Arutyunova. We started at The Griswold Inn which is located on one of the most classic American streets I have ever had the pleasure of strolling down. From there we made the drive to the Incarnation Camp. As you will notice below Sasha documented the cocktail hour while I photographed the couple after the ceremony. I love the shot she grabbed from afar of the life jacket image on the dock. You will also notice an image of all the guests pushing the buckets of water off of the tent. There’s nothing like teamwork to keep the party going. To round things off I love the energy in all of the photobooth images. What a perfect way to end the night. Thanks Janelle & Mike for trusting me with your great story and wonderful day!

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Margie & Paul – Danfords Hotel and Marina

Margie & Paul held their ceremony at Danfords Hotel and Marina, a venue that swept me back to where I grew up in South Florida. On a beautiful day in August my second shooter Sasha Arutyunova and I had a wonderful time with a group of guests from all over the world. Margie & Paul were a blast to work with and incredibly easy going. You can see below just how much fun we had! Enjoy the images and thanks again!


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Ingrid & Tim – Royce Brook Golf Club

Last year I met Ingrid & Tim in a coffee shop in Greenwich Village. They were an out of town bride and groom with an incredibly cute little girl. In late July we met again to photograph their beautiful ceremony at the Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey. Despite the rain Ingrid & Tim were the ultimate troopers and we ventured out onto the grounds for their Bride & Groom portraits. I also have to give their family credit for being one of the most enjoyable groups I have worked with in a long time! Another huge thanks to Sasha Arutyunova, my incredible second shooter.

I am also excited to introduce the MGPhotobooth! My second shooter and I set up the booth during the reception which allowed the guests to have an awesome time with a ton of silly props. Below is an 18″ x 24″ poster I made for Ingrid & Tim.

Before the night was over I got the chance to snag my photo with Ingrid & Tim. Thanks again for an amazing time!

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Katie & Josh – Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Thanks to the wonky weather this year the Brooklyn Botanical Garden‘s Bluebell Wood was still in full bloom during the first week of May. You might remember Katie and Josh from our beautiful (and wonderfully quirky!) engagement session on Governor’s Island: seen here. Once again I worked with my incredibly talented second shooter Sasha Arutyunova to produce a rather mystical take on a garden wedding. The bridal party was kept to a minimum so I had a lot of time to work one-on-one with just Katie and Josh. Enjoy the images below!

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David & Allen – Central Park

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph this amazing couple and family after their wedding ceremony! The couple–from Alabama–decided to visit NYC and make it official after many happy years. The shoot was incredibly fun and a perfect ending to a week rife with conversation surrounding same-sex marriage. Now if only I could make these images a billboard in North Carolina! Who can say no to love?

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