for Strabo Tours

Santorini will blind you. On a hot day, with the sun shining, there is nowhere to look but at the white walls, white streets, and white doorways that surround you. The occasional pops of color are an accident on a blank canvas. A flower, a cat, a hanging octopus. You wake up in a room shaped like a cave and wonder: Why am I taking a vacation on the edge of an active volcano? What if that blemish decides to burst? The looming danger adds a tickle of adrenaline to the experience. There are endless tourists and friendly locals and you ask how the food tastes so good when the landscape looks impossible to fertilize. Garbage is brought down the stairs by donkeys. There’s another cat. You forget every color but white and blue. After breathing in the freshest air, you exhale in a sigh of relief as you fly away and look down from the plane, feeling morbid as you can’t help but question: When will that white turn to black? Covered in ash.

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