for Inc. Magazine

You might be buying the wrong eggs. Did you know that to earn a "free-range" and "organic" label for eggs, you are only required to give each chicken 2 square feet to move around in? ... And only through a little "pop hole" do they ever get to see the light of day? I worked with Inc. Magazine to document the process behind Handsome Brook Farm’s egg operation. I learned that the term you should actually look for is "pasture-raised:” a label that requires 108 square feet per bird, that fields be rotated so there are constant greens and insects to feed on, and that hens be outdoors year-round. I spent the day wandering a field of 2,000 chickens, ducking through the tall grass and realizing what hilarious and charismatic animals they are. These images explore the farmer and his family’s relationship with the hens, and rebrands the chicken from a ‘dirty bird’ into something more earnest.

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