My car has a bumper sticker that asks “Who’s your farmer?” It’s a funny question because, for most people, they don’t have an answer. We are so disconnected from where our food comes from that we usually can’t pinpoint the country of its origin, let alone the person. For this story on the pasture-raised egg industry my goal was two fold:

1) To show how you can vote with your dollar and purchase products that both treat animals humanely and invest in research to improve their lives

2) Spotlight the farmers and families who care for flocks that include thousands of birds. They spend every day walking the coop, keeping it clean, collecting eggs. The job is often a family affair. This series of images highlights some of those families, along with the flock supervisors who visit farms every week to ensure the hens are healthy. They wear what look like hazmat suits to prevent the spread of disease between farms.

This series partially demystifies that question: “who’s your farmer?” and encourages consumers to think beyond the aisles in the grocery store.

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