Thank You

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of all my Kickstarter backers. I owe you everything.

Briana Moore, Bekah Holloway, Ross Iosefson, Daniela Ruiz, Leydi Rofman, Uma Krishnan, Whitney George Bauer, Julia Swyers, Cameron Toman, Jaime Turner, Jason Shafton, Brian Satenstein, Stephen Nock, Amalchi Castillo-Rodriguez, Steve Plekan, Carina Tous, Jason Sweeten, Glen Upton, Mo Mcbirney, Mick Hondlik, David McTiernan, Stephanie Sciandra, Haley Kammeraad, Guilherme Fe Alves, Gail & Ron Uzzell, Courtney Curtner, Andy Harmon, Bobby Feldman, Adam Rivard, Eric Pait, Sindhu Lakshmanan, Alex Heald, Patrick Higgins, Catherine Flores, Rebecca Borchering, Stephen Bauer, Stephen Risse, Erin Heffron, Danlly Domingo, Benjamin Loeffler, Andrew Colarusso, Elliot Vernon, Elizabeth McGregor, Sara DiNardo, Matt Porter, Tara Scanlon, Courtney O’Neill, Andrew Hedman, Ariel Upton, Jessica Fowler, Rebecca Stievater, Michael Friberg, Shelly Infantolino, Lara MacDonald, Sasha Arutyunova, Michael Gerali, Mary Kate Long, Kris Nolte, Kathleen Les, Andrew Martin, Hannah Pyper, Cubby Graham, Matthew Tanico, Shawn Jordan, Marisa Levine, Kelly Novitski, Angela Parrotta, Kathryn Appleton, Lizzy Hale, Scott Coffey, Tom Drysdale, Heidi Lee, Allison Kornstein, Katrina Sorrentino, Stefan Weiner, Matt Maher, Katie Vogel, Morgan Collins, Kelsey Breck, Shimran George, Andrea Olson, Caroline Krieger Comings, Harold Li, Anthony Cudahy, Tracy George, Kate Cabana, Christina Tworek, Kate Weigel, Riley Hooper, Jackson Taylor, Maggie Thomas, Cole Saladino, Helen Shafton, Shannen Winfield, Phillip Klugman, Sebastiani Romagnolo, Christopher Cantwell, Mackenzie Stunkard, Caitlin LaMorte, Leslie Tharp, Katie Kenyon, Carly Saupe, Carlos Valdivia, Jordan Fix, Raleigh Hughes, Gina Kimberl, Kei Ohta, McKenzie Day, Jared Shaffer, Terri Fischer, Ellen Walsh, and Gabriela Ionascu

Thank you to the countless pilgrims who posed in front of my camera, the hospitaleros who gave me a place to sleep, Christian and Babsi for putting up with me for so many days and forcing me to cook something healthy when all I wanted to do was buy some french fries and go to sleep.

Thank you to Jackson and Sasha for keeping me sane and giving me advice on basically everything.

Thank you to my sister Whitney for letting me vent on the phone whenever the slightest thing went wrong.

Thank you to Kelsey Breck and Patty Higgins for giving me the motivational kick I needed to pursue this project in the first place.

Thank you to Andrew, Katrina, Jon, Riley, Matt, and the rest of the Nomadique crew for providing endless advice on equipment and content.

Thank you to Zubin Hensler for writing the perfect musical companion to this project and to Rebekah Durham, Troy Chang, and Gabriel Gall for lending their talents and voices.

Thank you to Kathryn Appleton and the French Institute:Alliance Française for providing French lessons that helped me to survive.

Thank you to Hannah, Lars, Tine, Mikkel, Mira, Maks, Célia, Marius, and Babsi for housing me as I toured Europe in search of pilgrim's stories.

Thank you to Daniel Seung Lee, Samantha Siegel, Bekah Holloway, Ryan Davidson, Noah Wagner, David McTiernan, and Jacob Blumberg for helping me edit down this mountain of content.

In May 2015 Portrait of a Pilgrim was published as a feature in National Geographic Magazine.

In August 2015 Portrait of a Pilgrim was brought to life as an exhibition at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center. 

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