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Flowerpot Rocks

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I know. This looks like a head. The Flowerpots Rocks are an unusual group of formations in the Bay of Fundy in Eastern Canada. They’re advertised as a place where you can “walk on the ocean floor.” Twice a day these rocks are actually inaccessible as the tide rises as much as 52 feet, one of the largest tidal changes in the world. My assistant and I arrived first thing in the morning, with the water far out, the seabed exposed, and the rocks standing mostly alone as seagulls greeted the grey sky. The coast of this area is made of sandstone that has slowly been worn away by the tidal cycle over thousands of years, leaving parts of the coastline detached and standing alone like you see here. Nature has continued to grow some lonely trees on the tops of these rocks, giving the illusion that they are giant freestanding flower pots. One of the beautiful parts of the daily tides is that every 6 hours, the ocean comes in and washes away every footprint/trace that people were ever here before.

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