The King of Jaipur

for AirBnB

Padmanabh Singh is the young Maharaja of Jaipur, India. He lives with the rest of the royal family in the City Palace, a magnificent structure built in the 1700’s. In partnership with AirBnB, for the first time in history, Padmanabh and the royal family have opened up rooms for the public to stay in. All of the funds raised by guests who stay in the palace go to the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, which supports the rural women of Rajasthan. By mobilizing and training local communities, the foundation creates a catalyst for sustainable entrepreneurship. I was asked to photograph the preparation of the palace, the guards and other staff members, along with the king himself. My team and I spent three days in the palace from sunrise to sunset documenting the free range peacocks, elaborate architecture, and endless handcrafted details. 

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