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Michael George is a photographer, writer, and people-lover based out of Brooklyn. He has lived in New York City for twelve years and somehow holds onto a childlike sense of optimism. His formative years were spent in Fort Myers, Florida where he grew up with the ocean and probably your grandma. Michael’s work strives to tell stories of our common humanity through travel, culture, and the underrepresented. He has been a guest lecturer at Yale University and taught workshops in locations that vary from the glaciers of Patagonia to onboard a cross-country Amtrak train. He has biked across the USA, walked across France and Spain, and has the calves to prove it. If you ever meet him, you’ll probably say “I thought you’d be taller.”


• Email: michaelgeorgephoto[at]gmail.com

• Phone: +1 (239) 898 - 1799


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